Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not A New Concept.

Why is it so hard for people to get that we are a nation of laws and this includes border law. If our Federal government will not enforce the laws of the land, what kind of message does that send? Are you telling me that the United States of America can’t be a sovereign nation, but all other nations can? Are you going to tell me that it is ok that most every other country in the world to have very stringent immigration laws and that is perfectly fine, but if the United States tries to adhere to immigration laws, it is a crime against people? I’m sorry, I am above rhetoric and sick of it!

The United States is a land of dreams and can be for everyone. And that is no clearer than the fact that people from around the globe risk their lives to get here, even when the United States has an administration and a Congress that has a total disregard for Freedom. Yes, I said it, a total disregard for Freedom and Liberty to be exact. But, I digress. Let me be clear, I love my heritage, but as an American, I can see that we must protect the sovereignty of this great country. We can not, just because of our goodness, be so na├»ve as to believe we can just have open borders and encourage the illegal crossing into this country and think that no harm will come of it. We can do better people! We are Americans! We can and must fix the border, fix the visa entry system, and figure out a plan for the illegal’s that are already here. We can do this in a humane way to benefit everyone and without Amnesty. We cannot reward a bad behavior, unless you want more of it.(See History and learn from it!)